Table Of Contents

Book I | Shelter

Chapter One: Adulthood (in which we meet three people, one alive and two dead)

Chapter Two: So-Called Friend (in which a loss is mourned and information is gained)

Chapter Three: Spring and a Storm (in which the mystery deepens and horrors are discovered)

Chapter Four: Good Intentions Paving Company (in which zarah sees red while kihri feels blue)

Chapter Five: Never Let It Die (in which information is shared and an offer is rejected)

Chapter Six: Take a Walk (in which sisters fight and history is elucidated)

Chapter Seven: Beast (in which the twins follow a trail and a fight begins on false premises)

Chapter Eight: Brave As A Noun (in which we take a short diversion to appreciate nature)

Chapter Nine: I Earn My Life (in which actions have consequences, some more immediate than others)

Chapter Ten: Them Changes (in which things left buried are uncovered and field research is undertaken)

Chapter Eleven: Breezeblocks (in which purposes and paths are both crossed)

Chapter Twelve: Nobody Speak (in which… oh, screw it. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE!)

Chapter Thirteen: Young Lion (in which we gain some perspective)

Chapter Fourteen: Three Might Be Duende (in which things don’t go as expected and paths diverge)

Chapter Fifteen: Intermission (in which the stage is set and ripples spread)

Chapter Sixteen: Sweet Tsunami Symphony (in which there’s no calm before the storm)

Chapter Seventeen: Upside Down & Inside Out (in which things come apart)

Chapter Eighteen: You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Wants You Dead (in which victory remains just ever so slightly beyond reach)

Chapter Nineteen: Wheels (in which the king is dead; long live the king)

Chapter Twenty: Extra Mile (in which, for once, we do not render unto caesar)

Chapter Twenty-One: Rich (in which vertically-organised management structures are synergised and flattened)

Chapter Twenty-Two: Lonely Boy (in which the third time’s the charm)

Book II | Triage

Chapter Twenty-Three: Me And My Husband (in which we wallow in past mistakes)

Chapter Twenty-Four: Race You (in which old hurts resurface and zarah has an unexpected encounter)

Chapter Twenty-Five: New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (in which the twins get down and dirty)

Chapter Twenty-Six: Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite (in which five heads are better than two)

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Kids In America (in which cultures are exchanged and next moves are charted)

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Empire (in which we take a peek behind the curtain)