so. whoops.

first of all, please accept my sincerest apologies for the lack of updates. ive always tried to at least signpost when they’re going to be stopping, but this time i just completely slipped up on that one and didn’t even realise.

as you might have been able to guess, i have been having a… not so good time! like, get in line, right. but anyway this year so far has been some of the most exhausting crappy times of my life and then just to kick me when i was down, i got a job.

yay, money; boo, soul-sucking capitalist wage-slavery

im hoping after about a month ill be settled in and able to do… literally anything beyond basic survival, but i can’t make any promises. however long it takes, though, i swear on whatever gods you’ll find most affecting that im not abandoning blacklight. in terms of what i have planned for the story and characters, we’ve barely just begun. its not a motivation or interest issue, just purely time and energy.

so yeah. thank you all for sticking with this weird story during these hogshit times from the ass of hell. when i am able to give a better estimate of updates returning, i will.

in the meantime… i dunno. go outside (if you can), hug a tree, eat some grass.

or, failing that, read PRISM or something

brief pause

gonna put updates on hold for the rest of february, as i have been Going Through It and I don’t want to completely destroy what little buffer i’d managed to build back up. i know things have been slow and weird this past year, but you know. everything’s been Super Fucked Up. thanks for your patience.

scheduling update

gonna have to drop back to one update a week for the next little while, unfortunately

was hoping not to do this but my productivity has been destroyed by… well, everything, and my buffer along with it. i don’t want to cease updates entirely but even the current fairly tiny schedule just isnt maintainable right now.

there’ll still be an update shortly, and again on friday, but after that updates will just be on fridays.

my apologies

stay safe

brief break

hope you enjoyed book 1! i was planning to go straight into book 2, but uni kicked my fucking ass and my buffer has taken a real beating. thankfully, im done forever! no more uni!

anyway book 2 starts friday the 3rd of july, see you then