“What? Why? Not like you can-”

She cut herself off, just a little too late.

“Gee, thanks,” Kihri said acerbically. “I’d almost forgotten.”

“…sorry.” Really sticking your foot in your mouth tonight, hm, Zarah? She was off-kilter, which was annoying – she thought she’d gotten used to the dead bodies by now.

For your information,” Kihri continued, “I like to watch people. It’s entertaining.”

“You… spy?”

“It’s not spying, it’s just… watching people… who don’t know I’m there. Hm.”

“It- forget it,” Zarah said. “<I shouldn’t have->”

“Eh, you know what, I don’t actually care. Who the fuck am I going to tell, you?”

“Please do not.”

“My point exactly.” She sighed, shaking her head. “Look, anyway. I guarantee you that it’s him – I’d stake my unlife on it.”

“Hm. The others?”

Kihri considered it for a second. “Show me them again?”

Zarah pulled out her phone, and showed it to Kihri, obligingly swiping through the photos when she indicated.

“Nope,” she said once they reached the end. “I’ve got nothing. Doesn’t mean they aren’t from around there, but-”

“-it is a start,” Zarah finished with a nod. “Nice park, also.”

“Ugh, you would, you fucking nerd. Do you want to go now? I can keep watch if you find a bench or something. Ooh, maybe you could sleep in one of the trees, that’d be cool.”

Zarah considered it. It’d save some travel time, but it was late and cold, and even a shitty shelter cot seemed incredibly appealing. “<Is it okay if we go back to Tavesh tonight?>” she asked instead.

Kihri groaned. “You and your stupid fleshy body. Fine, whatever. First thing in the morning, though, we’re going to the shop, then. I can’t deal with having to watch you snore and drool and waiting for you to finish pottering around in the morning.”

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